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"Life is not simply about what you have or what you do, but about who you are and who you are becoming."  - Tiffany Walker/The Life STYLE Strategist™

Hi, I'm Tiffany Walker

As The Life STYLE Strategist™, I provide women with tools and strategies to transform our lives and elevate to our higher selves where we find Peace, tap into our divine Power, and walk in Purpose.


I believe that every woman has within her, what I call, "Butterfly Capacity", that is, Transformation Power.  Just as it is inherent for the caterpillar-- who moves along the ground--to morph into a butterfly with wings to soar to higher heights, I believe that every woman is divinely created to elevate from her lower to higher self.

The challenge, however, is that life happens and many women get stuck somewhere in the process of their personal metamorphosis, never quite materializing their potential.  For me, "life happening" looked like divorce, becoming a single mom to three young children with no income, having to start all over and "figure it out".  I had to discover, learn, and implement strategies--sacred strategies--that would lead to my healing and beautiful life transformation.  

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